Scythe (board game)

''Scythe'' is a board game for one to five players designed by Jamey Stegmaier and published by Stonemaier Games in 2016. Set in an alternative history version of 1920s Europe, players control factions that produce resources, develop economic infrastructure, and use dieselpunk combat mechs to engage in combat and control territories. Players take up to two actions per turn using individual player boards, and the game proceeds until one player has earned six achievements. At this point, the players receive coins for the achievements they have attained and the territories they control, and the player with the most coins is declared the winner.

Stonemaier Games crowdfunded the development of ''Scythe'', raising over $1.8 million through a Kickstarter campaign. ''Scythe'' was released to critical and commercial praise for its gameplay, combination of Eurogame and combat mechanics, theme, and the game artwork, which was produced by Polish painter Jakub Różalski under the name ''World of 1920+''. Three major expansions, a spin-off, and a digital version have been released for the game. Provided by Wikipedia
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